Saints take a shellacking

Titan guard/forward Usama Zaid attempts a 2-point jump shot against a staunch Saints defense in Saturday’s match-up. Zaid went on to score 21 total points on the Jan. 23 against the Saints.Chris Palanuk
Titan guard/forward Usama Zaid attempts a 2-point jump shot against a staunch Saints defense in Saturday’s match-up. Zaid went on to score 21 total points on the Jan. 23 against the Saints.

Both Lane basketball teams won their games against the Mt. Hood Saints Saturday, Jan. 23, at Titan Coliseum. While it was business as usual for the women’s team, the men’s team gave fans a glimpse of their new way of doing things.

The men’s team achieved their fifth straight win with a 100-63 victory over the Saints and advanced to second in the South Region with a 5-2 record.

A steal by Lane guard Davonte Cleveland resulted in a hoop from Lane guard Jacob Bigler that gave the Titans their largest lead of the game with a 39 point advantage.

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Stalker Scandal Revealed

Faculty member files suit against school over lack of protection

Tenured and award-winning faculty member Nadia Raza filed a lawsuit against Lane Jan. 21 over their inability to deal with a student who threatened and stalked Raza in 2014.

According to Raza’s suit, Lane failed to communicate with her, did not act when the student continuously threatened her and made it difficult for her to file a restraining order against the student. This caused Raza to start teaching online classes exclusively to avoid the threats she was receiving on campus.

“Lane’s response made a terrifying situation much worse,” Raza said in a press release.

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ASLCC requests student voice in new fee policy

It has recently come to light that Lane has been the subject of a federal civil rights lawsuit concerning viewpoint neutrality and mandatory student fees. The Lane Community College Board of Education is poised, on Feb. 3, to vote on a change to board policy that would effectively settle the lawsuit — and significantly alter the process by which the mandatory student fee is allocated to various programs around campus.

As your representatives in student government we have been following the issue closely, and we would like to present to the student body the position we have taken and what we will be asking from the board.

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The weight of a vote

President Obama gave his final State of the Union Address on Jan. 13. Although Washington D.C. is thousands of miles away from Lane, his words on the power of voting ring true here in our community.

A citizen’s duty is as simple as checking a few boxes and then signing their name. The act of voting is itself is one of the most unique parts of being an American. Yet the percentage of voters was down in the 2012 election to a mere 57.5 percent of all eligible citizens, according to the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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Study abroad promises education and excitement

On Jan. 20 and 21, Lane’s International Work Experience Cooperative Education Department hosted an informational meeting to educate interested students about an upcoming opportunity to travel to France this summer.

The trip is an educational opportunity for students to study abroad and earn credit for their degree while visiting the historic commune of Caen, France. This particular trip will be led by French instructor Karin Almquist.

“We’re going to spend a month in France. First at the University of Caen, which is in Normandy … The last week will be in Paris,” Almquist said.

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Guns on campus?

Robin Williams and Sgt. Ryker, Public Safety officers, demonstrate various self defence techniques during the Wellness Fair in the Center for Meeting and Learning on Tuesday January 26, 2016.John Hughes / The Torch
Robin Williams and Sgt. Ryker, Public Safety officers, demonstrate various self defence techniques during the Wellness Fair in the Center for Meeting and Learning on Tuesday January 26, 2016.

Community opinions split on action

The topic of gun control has been a national discussion recently with the recent school shootings. In the Lane community responses to gun violence are varied, but all agree some action is needed.

Some believe that gun control and mental health services should be the priority while Public Safety Chief Jace Smith proposes arming Public Safety on campus.

“I think that we are all reminded how dangerous the work we do is and how the threats of the 21st Century continue to evolve,” Smith said.

Smith indicates Lane is taking measures to educate people on what they should do in the instance of a violent attack on campus.

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Board offers money, advisory role to student plaintiff

Details of proposed settlement await administrative action

In a settlement offered through Lane’s Board of Education, former student government Senator Francisco Gomez would receive $6,500 and a role in crafting the board’s new policy relating to mandatory student activity fees in exchange for dropping his pending lawsuit against the board.

The lawsuit, filed in 2015, claims that the board violated Gomez’s First Amendment rights when it charged him the mandatory student activity fee that credit students on Lane’s main campus pay each term.

Gomez has said the motivation to file suit against the board was his dissatisfaction with the way Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group uses mandatory student fees.

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Activity fee sparks lawsuit

Former student senator sues college over voting process

Lane’s Board of Education moved Wednesday evening to remove students’ ability to vote on changes to the mandatory student activity fee in an attempt to quickly resolve a lawsuit filed by former ASLCC Senator Francisco Gomez.

In his suit, filed in August 2015, Gomez argues the Board of Education violated his constitutional First Amendment rights when it assessed him the student activity fee.

The thrust of Gomez’s suit revolves around the legality of the student-voting process, but he laid bare his true motivation to file suit in an interview with The Torch.

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Lane: unplugged

Second internet outage in two months leaves students frustrated

Lane’s main campus experienced its second Internet outage since December’s disruption on Jan. 14, around 2 p.m. This time the outage did not prove as troublesome as last term’s, which was all day Dec. 2, 2015, but it did bring to mind how troublesome it can be.

Victoria Koldewyn, student and library assistant, spoke about how different the outage was compared to last term.

“Our class wasn’t affected too much.” Koldewyn said. “It wasn’t a big deal and it was only out an hour. Last term it was down for several hours and that was a big deal. We have offline methods where we could check out materials at the library but really it puts a screeching halt to everything.”

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Lack of sales causes cafeteria closures

Crush Burger employees make use of their downtime in between serving customers.

The constantly changing hours of Lane’s food court, located in the newly reconstructed Center Building, leaves many students without any other options for food besides what is sold in the Titan Store. The current hours listed on the Lane web site show most options in the food court are open until 3 p.m. with Lime Fresh being open until 5 p.m. daily except Friday. Despite this, students have gone to the cafeteria around 3 p.m. and found it to be completely closed down with employees cleaning up for the night.

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