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Spilde says “yes” to being Ty’s valentine

Posted on February 14, 2014 | in News | by

Because mascots have crushes too

Wielding a Valentine’s Day card and bouquet of flowers, Lane mascot Ty the Titan asked college President Mary Spilde to be his valentine.

“I will be your valentine, for sure,” Spilde responded.

Associated Students of Lane Community College Communications Director Robert Schumacher said that although the mascot was a little bit nervous before his proposal, he wasn’t going to let it show.

The Feb.14 proposal was a complete surprise to Spilde, who was just sitting down to a would-be meeting with Schumacher about financial aid disbursements when the college’s mascot tiptoed into her office with a small handful of student leaders close behind.

“So you actually don’t want to talk about Higher One?” Spilde said. “I feel so bad for (Lane’s Legislative Director) Brett (Rowlet). I had him send me four pages on Higher One for this morning.”

Rowlet was in Washington D.C. at the time.

Spilde laughed as Schumacher shrugged an apology.

Students close to Ty the Titan said he doesn’t know a more caring person than Spilde, and that’s why he chose to ask her to be his valentine.

“That was probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen,” ASLCC Senator Melissa Ratthasing said.

“I think he’s blushing,” ASLCC Student Resource Center Director Jennifer McCarrick said.

“Ty’s heart is in the same place as Mary’s heart, and that is with our campus — and most importantly, with all of its great students,” Schumacher said. “Ty loves our campus, and Ty loves how passionate Mary is about her students.”

Spilde told the students in her office that even though she had garnered a number of national awards during her tenure at Lane, nothing could ever mean more to her than recognition from students.

“Thank you so much. … This means so much to me,” Spilde said, but “I really thought you wanted to talk about Higher One.”

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