Feb. 11

Public Safety received a report of possible harassment in the Center Building. Public Safety asked the unidentified student to leave the class and issued a citation.

Feb. 11

The Lane Downtown location had a vending machine that was damaged and coins were stolen. Public Safety took a report and submitted a work order.


Public Safety responded to a request for a welfare check on a student who was reported to be behaving strangely in the shower, using two showers at once, while wearing socks. Public Safety observed no strange behavior.


Housekeeping reported graffiti in the men’s restroom in the library. Public Safety took pictures of the graffiti and placed a work order for it to be removed.


Public Safety received a report of a balding, white male in his 40s being confrontational to passers-by. Public Safety could not find him.


An officer inspecting water in a tunnel under Building 15 found that it appeared to be seeping in through electrical circuits.


A Public Safety officer noticed a water leak — two drips approximately every five seconds — coming from the fifth floor east roof access door. The leak was dripping down the inner wall and onto the fourth floor near the elevator access. The responding officer moved a trash can to catch drips and put up wet floor signs.


Public Safety noticed and photographed graffiti on the exterior wall of the old Downtown Campus building in the north alley near Willamette Ave.


Public Saftey recieved a report of a man with a rifle on the fourth floor of the Center Building. Further inspection revealed that he was simply carrying his umbrella.