The Associated Students of Lane Community College Senate ratified three students as members of the Student Finance Board at its Feb. 19 meeting.

The SFB is an advisory board with the responsibility of overseeing the student activity fee and ensuring that its funding programs directly benefit students, according to its application.

Student leaders approved Carter Hendrick, Ross Serna-Smith and Ashley Jackson to join the group.

Jackson said the SFB deals with the student activity fee it serves as an access point to connect with students.

“I feel like most students won’t stop and necessarily listen to a big group,” Jackson said.

Jackson said she worked as a treasurer for another organization for four years. Although the infrastructure may be different, Jackson said looking over a budget is familiar position for her.

Audio engineering and production student Serna-Smith said he has no budget experience, but he’s willing to learn.

“I want to benefit students in a non-biased way, and help add transparency to our budget,” Serna-Smith said.

Hendrick, an environmental studies student, said he wanted to join SFB to make a difference.

“I’m interested solely to get involved with something at school,” Hendrick said. “That’s pretty much the only reason.”

Hendrick added that he had learned a lot during the time he volunteered for SFB.

“They’ve (all) done a really great job so far,” ASLCC Senator Rebekah Ellis said.

All the students were approved without any opposition, and a total of two abstentions — one because Ellis is a friend of an applicant and another abstention occurred accidentally when another, Senator Zach Wright, had fallen asleep and woke up suddenly when it was asked if there were any abstentions.

“Sorry,” Wright said.