Wes Fry, designer: Here in Lane County, the outdoors options are quite cheap and varied. Whether hiking, running, biking or just taking a stroll at Alton Baker, trails are terrific for those who enjoy the outdoors. Other notable parks in the Lane County area for cheap outside fun are Mount Pisgah, Skinner’s Butte and Hendricks Park.

Laura Newman, A&E editor: Head south! Take a random road trip with friends toward swimmable water. As much as we all love the Oregon Coast, it doesn’t really facilitate spring weather. Don’t forget sunscreen and a nice beach book like Sloan Crosely’s I Was Told There’d Be Cake: Essays. Whatever you do, don’t go to Florida. You might get shot.

Lynette Slape, designer: Read a good book and enjoy the spring weather. Also, get some creative drawing or painting done.

Jarrid Denney, sports editor: Considering the NCAA Tournament begins March 18, a large majority of basketball fans will spend their breaks watching the madness unfold. If you’re going to devote your week to watching college hoops, make sure you make it worthwhile.

There are up to four games playing on four different television stations at all times; If you don’t have a one flatscreen-per-game ratio, you’re doing it wrong. Also, you’re going to need beer. Lots of it. Preferably Keystone Light. If you aren’t going to watch basketball like every other reasonable human being, at least go on a hike or a run or something.

Alyssa Sutton, editor in chief: Sleep! Also, one or two hiking trips up Spencer Butte with friends should be on the agenda, along with a few Coronas. Don’t do anything incredibly stupid. We’d all love to see you alive and back on campus next term.

Zack Bear, copy chief: First, find the time machine I built. This weather is perfect for bike riding. The sun is out, but it’s still chilly enough that overheating isn’t an issue. Grab your friend and go on a picnic, throw a frisbee, read a book or do whatever it is that you like to do, but do it outside, sitting against a tree. Then get back to the time machine, because if I catch you using it, I’ll go back in time and prevent that from ever happening. I’ll drop you off on your first day of spring term. Naked.

Cameron Hughey, reporter: This vacation is an opportunity to party it up. Get together with friends and crack a few brewskies while you can, because it won’t last long. If you’re underage, that’s too bad because the only advice I have for you is to get ahead on your studies by reading something that will educate you in your chosen field of expertise.

J. Wolfgang Wool, news editor: This is a good time to waste away on your couch with your choice of vices. I strongly encourage you to watch Netflix while vegging as the new season of House of Cards and season four of Archer are up.

Sean Hanson, managing editor: Spring break is the ideal time to accomplish everything you neglected these last three months: get your tires and brakes checked, work out those incompletes you negotiated with instructors, feed your children so they can survive until summer, schedule a doctor’s appointment and catch up on any operations you might need (after all, you can’t spell “vacation” without “elective surgery”), craft that petition to deport Justin Bieber, and bleach or burn those bloody sheets — it’s called spring cleaning for a reason, and the longer you cling to evidence, the greater the chance they’ll catch you. Also, you look like you need a haircut.

Taya Alami, reporter: Don’t pressure yourself to turn your spring break into something resembling a Judd Apatow movie. Don’t allow the peel and pulp that is the juiced-orange of your brain to compare your upcoming spring break to the MTV-version you vaguely remember from a long time ago. Don’t allow yourself to pretend spring break is actually summer — it isn’t. Beyond childhood, there are no such things as vacations or breaks — there are only times of year when you sweat more in your work pants.

If trends continue, this could be your last opportunity to do what you spontaneously feel for an entire week. Embrace that apathy and do the things you’ve always fantasized about. Just go and do whatever. Then, go back to school.

Penny C. Scott, reporter: It’s such a short break, I suggest taking it easy and recharging your batteries, getting ready for next term. There’s bound to be some good weather, so find a place in the sun to read and enjoy the spring flowers. That’s what I’ll be doing. See you next term!

Matt Edwards, photographer: Find your favorite Notorious B.I.G. song. Then, just live it.