At its March 11 meeting, the Council of Clubs discussed the protocol for disbursement of funds to clubs.

“It’s not student money, it’s public money paid by students,” Associated Students of Lane Community College adviser Barbara Delanksy said.

She said clubs should know, in advance, whether the type of purchase being considered is authorized or not. Delanksy also said clubs will need to submit how requests were determined. Fencing Club treasurer and coach Carl Knoch and Delanksy met on March 12 to discuss written policy regarding funds requests. Knoch will present the suggested written policy at the council meeting on March 18.

The Outdoor Adventure Club requested $680 for its upcoming one-day trip on March 22 to Devils Elbow, Sea Lion Caves and Harbor Vista County Park. The request was approved by those present, but funds requests over $500 must receive final approval by the ASLCC Senate. The request made at the March 12 ASLCC meeting was amended to $580 and approved.

Council of Clubs Chairman John Price said the American Water Works Association sent an apology explaining its absence from the March 11 meeting. Price excused the club from attending. The French Club was absent from the meeting.

Price asked members if they wished to hold a meeting next week. Those present agreed that there would be a council meeting on March 18.