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Candidate ragequits meeting

Posted on April 24, 2014 | in News | by

[Eugene Johnson/ The Torch]

Presidential candidate Francisco "Kiko" Gomez attempts to rally support in the Center Building cafeteria on April 23. [Eugene Johnson/ The Torch]

After a series of emotional outbursts on Wednesday, presidential candidate Francisco “Kiko” Gomez said he has untreated anger management issues, in a late-night interview with The Torch.

Gomez said he will continue to run for president be- cause he does not believe his opponent — or any candidate — should run unopposed. If Gomez withdraws, Michael Weed would win the presidency by default.

Gomez told the senate he felt pressured and at a severe disadvantage to Weed’s campaign. Of the 14 senatorial candidates on the ballot, 11 have endorsed Weed — a disadvantage that, Gomez told The Torch, is contributing to his stress.

“I’m running against a ma- chine,” Gomez said.

April 23 began with Gomez jumping onto a cafeteria table at lunch in an attempt to address students.

The day ended with him walking out of the student government senate meeting twice, and admitting to using his senatorial position to try and influence the elections.

At lunchtime, Gomez used his hands as a megaphone to bark an impromptu stump speech at students, who largely ignored him.

At 6:30 p.m., Gomez abruptly left the senate meeting during a discussion on bylaw changes. He returned to address the senate again, complaining about problems in his own campaign.

Student government President Paul Zito asked Gomez if he was holding up deliberations because of a vested interest in the turnout of the vote.

“That’s exactly what’s go- ing on,” Gomez replied.

“You can’t use your position (as) ASLCC to advocate for your campaign. You can’t,” Zito said.

Gomez told the senate he felt pressured and at a severe disadvantage to Weed’s campaign. He stormed out again.

Rebekah Ellis, chairwoman of the Associated Students of Lane Community College Elections Committee, said after the senate meeting that the committee would have to discuss Gomez’s actions and decide what steps, if any, to take next.

At the April 2 ASLCC Senate meeting, Gomez threw a pen at a fellow senator during a heated discussion. Gomez said he would resign, but later changed his mind.

A year ago, Gomez was receiving treatment for anger management, but has since stopped, he said.

“I am failing to meet my responsibilities to the student body,” Gomez said. “I’m not holding myself accountable to certain things.”

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