With a little more than two weeks to campaign, 20 students officially announced their intention on April 14 to run for office in Lane’s student government.

Students are elected to four different positions in the Associated Students of Lane Community College. The positions are president, vice president, senator and Student Finance Board student-at-large.

This is the first year where the treasurer and the multi-cultural programs coordinator will not be elected. A ballot measure passed last year turned both titles into appointed positions.

The presidential and vice presidential candidates run together on a joint ticket, whereas the other two positions run,alone. According to the student government’s bylaws, the,elected presidential ticket will receive a monthly stipend and up to 12 free credits.

According to an email from Elections Committee Chairwoman Rebekah Ellis, there are currently three presidential election tickets: Francisco “Kiko” Gomez for president and Ben Buchanan as his vice president; Michael Weed for president and Malisa Ratthasing as his vice president; and Clinton Fear as president and Kathy Renfrowand as vice president.

Gomez and Ratthasing are senators in the student government. Weed is the  current administration’s sustainability coordinator.

Current student government president Paul Zito said that while senatorial candidates run on individual tickets, they can be included on presidential candidates’ “slates.” A slate is the list of senatorial candidates that the presidential tickets endorse and campaign with.

Senators receive a monthly stipend, but no credit waiver.

Ellis’ email announced 14 senatorial candidates: Sarah J. Pishioneri, Brandi Hoskins, Felicia Dickinson, Esau Gavett, Nicole Rund, Sofie Crandall, Wesley Allen, Trevor Moore, Caleb Miller, Christian Mello, Jennifer McCarrick, Robert Schumacher, Scott Compton and Emily Aguilera.

Dickinson, Moore and Aguilera were appointed to vacant senate seats during the 2013-2014 year.

Hoskins is the current administration’s chief of staff and McCarrick is its Student Resource Center director. Schumacher was the communications director, but Zito said he stepped down from that role for spring term.

The Student Finance Board is an advisory committee for the student government. It is chaired by the treasurer, with two senators and four students-at-large sitting on it.

Ellis says that the student-at-large position pays $100 per month, but no one is running for any of the four vacancies.

Zito said the positions will have to be appointed by the new administration next year.

Dickinson was the only person who ran for the student-at-large position during last year’s elections.