How does the fear of having no process for removing a student from class, with no refund for the credits or chance for an appeal, make a classroom safe? I will directly say that it does not.

If I have to worry that one single person can eject me from class, that makes me afraid to enroll in classes at all. I should not have to be afraid that if I don’t fit the professor’s view of safety, I won’t be allowed to finish or attend the class.

The financial risk to me and other students is drastic. Therefore, it does not belong in the hands of any single person, professor or not. There are governance councils that have representation of students, faculty, classified, managers and administrators that create policy for the college. Those are the places classroom safety should be addressed.

Why are the faculty union leadership removing students from a policy debate that will directly affect students’ rights here on campus? This classroom safety issue belongs in the governance system where it can be addressed in a manner that does not have to do with dollars in a paycheck and instead be developed by a body designed to deal with these sorts of issues.

I trust Lane Community College Education Association members are not getting all the information about this issue, as they should be, or this would never have made it onto the bargaining table.

Please, instructors, be sure to help students have their voices heard and look into the process that already exists to ensure classroom safety.

Paul Zito

President, ASLCC