John Price
John Price

John Price

Associated Students of Lane Community College Campus Community Director John Price sent a March 30 email resigning from his position. Price attributed his departure to money and time issues.

The campus community director sits as the chair of the Council of Clubs and helps organize events for students at Lane. These duties will be carried out by ASLCC Chief of Staff Brandi Hoskins until the position is filled.

“I have decided to begin to continue my employment and education elsewhere, effective April 1, 2014,” Price wrote in the email sent to members of the student government and The Torch.

Price said that he decided to leave his position because of the amount of time it required and insufficient pay for his needs. He received a monthly stipend of $300 and six free credits for his position.

Price was accepted into Western Governor’s University, an online college, and now works a full-time job with benefits. Price did not comment on where he works.

ASLCC President Paul Zito said he found the short notice frustrating, but he understood that college students’ lives could change quickly.

“It was a bit of a hiccup,” Zito said, but one he expected with the “populations we deal with.”

Hoskins said that an April 16 event for Lane students had to be rescheduled due to the change in leadership. She said Price failed to accomplish planning for the event during spring break.

“We had to re-organize the club fair … it was on a short timeframe anyway,” Zito said.“Without the original leadership there, to keep on that timeline was kind of impossible.”

“Unfortunately, I did have to resign in order to take care of the things (that) I need to do to better my future and help support my family,” Price said.

ASLCC will be taking applications for the vacant campus community event director until April 11.

Members of the ASLCC executive branch will screen the applications. A hiring committee consisting of student government members will interview the selected applicants. Then the final applicant must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the senate, Zito said.