Healthy food, music and advice on sustainability were the main ingredients of the Earth Fair held in Building 5 on April 22. The Lane Sustainability Committee brought different focus groups on campus to bring people together in the community and to develop stronger community awareness of sustainability.

The event was to celebrate Earth Day, an annual worldwide initiative in support of environmental protection. The Earth day Network has been organizing Earth Day events globally since 1970.

Different groups handed out pamphlets, and spoke to students and visitors about water conservation, energy management, watershed sustainability, home and self protection, and different community sustainability initiatives.

Eugene resident Muhiyiern Moye, offered to sing and play the drum at the fair. He said his mission is to help introduce people to the idea of placing people and the environment over profit.

“It’s possible to have a sustainable environment where everything and everyone is thriving,” Moye said.

Lane second-year culinary arts student Lemuel Wilson served healthy four-bean soup with turnips, carrots, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables to an appreciative crowd lining up for servings and second helpings.

“Everything in the soup you could find in your backyard,” Wilson said. “I just love the looks on people’s faces when I give them a bowl of hot soup. To me, it’s just priceless.”

Being around people who are enjoying themselves and being able to contribute to their enjoyment is why Wilson wants to be a chef. Seeing people smile when they taste dishes he creates is where he gets much of his job satisfaction.

“It’s not about the money. It’s about people,” Wilson said.

The event was well-organized and a great success, said Patty Hine, sustainability committee member and coordinator of the Lane co-op and intern program.

Musicians took turns entertaining students and visitors as they mingled among different vendors.

Organizers reported being pleased with the turnout and plan to hold a similar event next year.