Carl KnochFencing Club RepresentativePhoto: Penny Scott

Carl Knoch
Fencing Club Representative
Photo: Penny Scott

A request by Lane’s Fencing Club for $435.90 to replace six broken fencing blades was approved at the May 21 senate meeting after the Council of Clubs failed to make quorum.

Fencing Club representative Carl Knoch requested the funds for a tournament at Lane on May 31.

The club purchased beginner level blades, which have been breaking because club members are fencing at a higher level than expected, he said.

“We’ve got about eight people who are at the national level right now,” Knoch said.

Chairwoman Jyoti Burns said she was reluctant to accept the funds request, stating that the Fencing Club was not represented at the council’s recent council event. She suggested that the club postpone the tournament pending a review of funds requests over the summer.

Knoch said the club has been planning the event for three months. For students to experience what it’s like to be in a tournament environment, they need new blades, he said.

Knoch added that his club participated in every fair prior to the 2014 event.

Emily Aguilera said the Outdoor Adventure Club is planning a camping trip for the summer. She did not make a formal funds request, but announced that the club will be requesting more than $200 for the event at the senate meeting.

Absent from the meeting were the Chess, Green Chemistry and Anime-Manga clubs. The Student Nurses Association had been excused.

Council of Clubs will meet once more this term on June 3. Members will bring food.