Ella Jones

Lane Community College’s Council of Clubs met for the first time this school year on Oct. 7. The COC is looking to hire a new head chairperson so the meeting was run by Associated Students of Lane Communiy College Vice President Malisa Ratthasing who is fourth in line to be chairperson for the COC.

The COC hopes to get a master calendar of events for the year on OrgSync for all students to view.

Some of the clubs are already getting things rolling for the school year.

The Anime and Manga Club is planning a cosplay cafe event in the next few months.

The Fencing Club met often over the summer and is rapidly gaining members. They are hoping for more funding to be able to afford equipment for their growing numbers. They are also looking to become nationally recognized so they can compete in national competitions.

The Outdoor Adventure Club is planning a mushroom hunting event for an upcoming October weekend.

Pi Theta Kappa has increased membership this year. They are working on two projects; one to raise college graduation levels and one on the political economy and its effect on college students.

The Student Nursing Association recently had some successful fundraisers. They are working on setting up flu shot clinics and will be giving out flu shots at the Whiteaker Thanksgiving dinner.

ASLCC and OSPIRG were also in attendance even though they are considered student organizations, not clubs. ASLCC had their welcome event to promote school spirit. OSPIRG is currently recruiting. They will be working on four campaigns this year: textbook affordability, the Clean Water Act, hunger and homelessness, and getting big money out of politics.

The COC will meet every other Tuesday from 4-6 in building 1 outside the student government office.