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Statement from The Torch - The Torch
Statement from The Torch

Statement from The Torch


Penny Scott

Each year a new editor-in-chief is appointed to The Torch. The print newspaper and website reflect the flavor and tone that each leader brings to the role. However, the real essence of content, both written and through visual imagery, comes from the whole team.

It is our job to investigate and report impartially, responsibly, fairly and truthfully on matters of importance and interest to you. Topics may vary widely. Anything happening in education anywhere, for example, is of interest to a college community.

Investigative reporting plays an important role in bringing important matters needing to be addressed to public awareness. So, we will keep you informed of what’s going on around campus too. This includes providing information about controversial issues and problems.

Art exhibits, theatrical performances, sporting events, guest speakers and lecturers, club meetings, student government meetings, board of education meetings and special events are just some of the rich and diverse happenings on campus that we will cover.

In our opinion pages we hope to present stimulating topics and engaging ideas that will inspire your thinking and action in new directions. We invite you to join the conversation by responding to our editorials and commentaries.

You are invited, also, to initiate conversations on matters you wish to bring to the attention of our readers — the exchange of ideas lies at the heart of higher learning, so let’s get the conversations going and keep them going.

Also, it is our great pleasure this year to be covering the 50th anniversary of the college. We are all passing through history, and many of those whose lives have been touched over the past fifty years by Lane will be featured in The Torch. If you know of any alumni with interesting stories, we’d love to hear from you.

We take the ethics and the responsibilities of our profession very seriously. Many media outlets throughout the world have fallen from grace in this regard. This has been due, in part, to them succumbing to the agendas of outside influences. Our college administration respects freedom of the press. We are, therefore, free from such influences and operate independently and without censorship.

For these reasons, nothing other than impeccable integrity is required of us. When the integrity of anything, including simple and complex machinery, is compromised it cannot function properly. Therefore, it cannot be completely trusted. It’s the same with people and organizations.

Your trust is important to us, and we intend to work diligently to earn it. We see our role as vitally important – what we do matters. It matters to you, our readers, and the ripple effect from our actions knows no boundaries.

The Torch is a very public classroom graded by thousands of readers instead of just one teacher. That’s a scary thing, especially for those new to the team. We will endeavor, with very serious intent, to get things right. However, if you find errors in our pages we want you to let us know. We will scrutinize our own work as well. In either case, we will promptly and publicly admit to our mistakes.

The Torch is not just about journalism, however. For our student-staff our newsroom is a bridge between the classroom and the world of business that encompasses all professions and industries. As such, mastery of core transferable workplace skills and attitudes ranks high in our learning-lab culture.

Like all of Lane Community College, we are focused on student success. So, our intent in all we do is to is to make worthy contributions to education and to the community we serve.