Nicole Rund

Elections for president pro tempore were held at the Oct 8 at the student government meeting. Senators Felicia Dickinson, Scott Compton, Marianna Paradones, and Jennifer McCarrick were in the running and were given three minutes to present their qualifications.

“If anybody’s nervous, I’m just as scared as all of you,”Vice President, Malisa Ratthasing said.  

Marianna Paradones, former Oregon Student Association secretary, was chosen for the role. She will take on extra duties and responsibilities and lead the Senate in the event of Ratthasing’s absence.

Student government President Michael Weed made a point of clarification about pay increases that he had recommended at last week’s meeting.  

Weed said he had consulted with two advisors who agreed that the roles of president pro tempore and chief of staff involve an increased responsibilities not equal to the current pay. Treasurer Ashley Jackson gave her support.  

Brittney Healy, Student Resource Center Director, sent a written report on the Snack Shack.  One of the issues in the report requests that more muffins be bought because they always run out by Wednesdayt.

Weed challenged everyone to take the Eco Challenge. Portland Community College is beating Lane by 10 pledges.  Also, students were reminded that they can pick up a water saver kit for free at the Rainy Day Pantry.