Be prepared to drop to the floor, take cover under your desk or table, and hold on for dear life because the Great Oregon Shakeout is coming.

On October 16, at 10:16 a.m. there will be an earthquake drill on campus. The Lane Alert and the mass announcement system on campus will be put to use.

When the alarm sounds, drop to the ground, take cover under something stable, hold on and stay down for 60 seconds.

Try to react as if it were a real earth-shattering quake. While under your desk or table maybe take into consideration what would it be like if this weren’t actually a drill.

But is this drill really helpful or just a waste of school time?

“I think we should all already know how to do this by now, we have been doing it since grade school,” Mariah Brant a Lane Community College Student said.

How many of us really do know the safety protocol of a large earthquake? What is the likelihood of an actual catastrophic earthquake happening in Eugene?

According to Oregon State University professor Chris Goldfinger, the probability of a magnitude 9 earthquake within 50 years is 30 percent in the south part of the Cascadian subduction zone (that’s us, in Lane County). The location of a quake epicenter would determine how Eugene is affected. If it happens far enough north towards Washington or begins closer to Northern California then we will likely suffer little damage, but if the epicenter starts off the Central Oregon Coast the results could be devastating.

During the drill, take 20 of the 60 seconds when you’re under your bunker and try to imagine what the circumstances would really be like. Would you try to frantically text everyone you love with your phone to say good bye? Or, would you run out the nearest exit in a manic frenzy?

If there were an earthquake, we would be well advised to prepare for it, so we’d know how to react. This is the exact purpose of the Great Oregon Shake Out; hopefully you will gain some useful knowledge just in case you need it.