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Accreditation results yield no surprises - The Torch
Accreditation results yield no surprises

Accreditation results yield no surprises


Penny Scott

Lane President, Mary Spilde, considers the visit normal, holding no major surprises. The college is expected to make progress on some of the recommendations for its Year 1 report and some by the Year 3 report. Spilde is required to attend a meeting in January with the NWCCU to present tangible plans for addressing the recommendations. Spilde is confident that the college will have its accreditation reaffirmed at the completion of that meeting.


1. The Board of Education, Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students of Lane Community College are commended for creating a learning culture that supports and encourages student success.

2. The Board of Education is commended for their systematic review of college policies and for their strong stewardship of the organization as demonstrated through policy development in alignment with institutional core themes and strategic directions.

3. Lane Community College is to be commended for their authentic, transparent and honest engagement in the accreditation process and for demonstrating a high level of integrity.

4. Lane Community College is commended for innovative, creative work that results in national recognition as a college of distinction in areas such as Achieving the Dream, Sustainability, and college leadership.

5. Lane Community College is commended for completion of the Downtown Campus, related partnerships, and effective management leading to moving this operation to a self-support status.

6. The library is commended for their work creating a comprehensive collection and cooperative agreements for lending materials in a manner that strongly supports the learning and research needs of the institution.

7. The Financial Aid department is commended for diligently and thoughtfully addressing issues concerning the college’s cohort default rate.

8. Staff of Student’s First programs such as the Women’s Center, Multicultural Center, Veterans Center, Tutoring, and the Workforce office are to be commended for their commitment to the populations served and strong collaboration to leverage available resources.


1. In order to ensure and document mission fulfillment, it is recommended that the college complete planning processes that are purposeful, systematic, integrated and comprehensive.

2. In order to ensure a widely understood and effective system of governance that supports mission fulfillment, it is recommended that Lane Community College review and clearly define the authority, roles, responsibilities and communication methods associated with its adopted decision-making structure.

3. In order to clearly state, document and evaluate mission fulfillment, it is recommended that Lane Community College fully develop an institutional effectiveness model that forms the basis for its accomplishment of the objectives of its core themes and ensures organizational adaptation and sustainability.

4. In order to ensure programs offered reflect appropriate content and vigor, it is recommended that Lane Community College engage faculty in developing a periodic and systematic process for assessing student learning at the college, program, and course level.

5. In order to ensure quality and relevancy of its program and service offerings, it is recommended that Lane Community College’s administration, faculty and staff engage in establishing and implementing comprehensive program and services review processes that are informed by data and connected to its planning and institutional effectiveness process.

6. In order to reflect non-discrimination in practice and to realize accomplishment of its core themes, core values and strategic directions, it is recommended that Lane Community College fully implement the Board of Education policy related to diversity and inclusion.

7. In order to ensure policies and procedures related to student complaints are clearly stated, readily available, and administered in a clear and consistent manner, it is recommended that Lane Community College review its existing processes for and document its responses to formal complaints.

8. In order to ensure adequate performance of work duties and effective employee development, it is recommended that Lane Community College staff be evaluated in a consistent and systematic manner.

9. In order to ensure the library at Lane Community College is able to fully and adequately engage in planning for services, provide information resources, and support institutional learning outcomes, it is recommended that permanent library leadership be identified.