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Council of Clubs plans for hot cocoa; official and fun issues are addressed - The Torch
Council of Clubs plans for hot cocoa; official and fun issues are...

Council of Clubs plans for hot cocoa; official and fun issues are addressed


Ella Jones

We can hope for hot chocolate and warm treats at the beginning of winter term from the Council of Clubs.

There was high attendance at the COC meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 4. The board was productive as they made changes to their bylaws and did some brainstorming for Winter Welcome Week.

Last week there weren’t enough club representatives to make quorum to vote on changes, but this week the COC circle was filled. This included three new, unofficial clubs that are in the process of establishing themselves, Disc Golf, Students for Life and a club for Latinas in transition.

The first hour of the meeting was spent making changes to the COC bylaws. The council seemed most concerned about the sections that dealt with clubs and unions and their relationships. Unions are classified as identity groups and clubs are interest groups. Unions are given separate funding, so the COC feels they should not have voting rights at COC meetings. However, they are very adamant about having a close relationship with SoJust and will be working out a way to clarify this relationship in their bylaws.

Moving on from unions, the board members voted to change the ratification process from paper to online. From now on to become a club, one must create a page on OrgSync and follow the instructions listed on the COC page. Paper applications will no longer be used. This decision was quick and unanimous. The time allotted was used to correct grammatical errors to the new statement.

For Winter Welcome Week, all clubs will be given the opportunity to set up recruitment and information tables. They’ve decided on a “Blue and White Winter Affair” theme and are dead set on having hot chocolate. Location is up in the air, as is what kind of food they want to have. There was talk of make-your-own-s’mores, but some members are wary of having an open flame on campus. “We could have a motto: mess with Council of Clubs and you will get burned,” said Scott Compton from Phi Theta Kappa.

COC meets every other Tuesday from 4-6 p.m. outside the ASLCC office on the second floor of Building 1. They have called an extra meeting for Tuesday, Nov. 11 to finish bylaw revisions.