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LisaMarie Lusk

In solidarity with the MLK march, Daniel Pollock and the SoJust group spearheaded two separate campus marches on Jan. 16, with the five unions it represents.

Participating groups were: SoJust, The Associated Students of Lane Community College, the Asian Pacific Islander Student Union, the Black Student Union, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, the Gender and Sexuality Alliance, the Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group and the Native American Student Association.

The marches, called “Civil Rights Never Died” and “Social Justice is Alive” had marchers recited chants such as: ‘Trans rights are human rights,’ ‘hands up-don’t shoot,’ ‘black lives matter’ and ‘educate with truth: hate crimes kill our youth.’ For more information contact the Multi Cultural Center at 541-463-5276.