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Fencing club wants new gear; senators debate money issues - The Torch
Fencing club wants new gear; senators debate money issues

Fencing club wants new gear; senators debate money issues


Once again, money was on the student government’s agenda at the senate meeting, Wed. Feb. 18. The Fencing Club representative requested $3,790 for new equipment and a foil for registering hits during bouts.

Senators spent 45 minutes clarifying bylaws and asking questions about the request. The most pressing question – would the money ultimately come from ASLCC or Council of Clubs? Senator Felicia Dickinson wanted assurances that the money would not be coming from the ASLCC budget now or in the future.

Dickinson wanted to know what would happen if other campus clubs needed money, but there was none left to fund their requests. ASLCC President Malissa Ratthasing said if that happened, the clubs would have to wait until the start of a new term when COC would be funded again by the student activity fee.

Chief of Staff Robert Schumacher stated that the fencing club request was 56 percent of COC’s budget. Schumacher expressed that it was unfair to other clubs for one club to take 56 percent of the budget.

After two failed votes on the funds request, with three senators abstaining, the matter was tabled until next week, pending the club’s exploration of other funding options. The amount that senators will vote on next week was reduced to $1,895.

A funds request for $1,000 to buy breakfast for senators and students attending the Northwest Student Leadership Conference in Portland. The request was amended to include $180 for parking.

Schumacher reminded senators that over 60 percent of LCC students live in poverty and that a warming center is coming to campus for a reason. Senators discussed the idea of buying groceries instead of going out to eat. After further discussion, the funds request was approved 5-0-0.

Senators also voted 5-0-0 to endorse Bike Lane’s request for $150,000 from the transportation fund. Bike Lane needed endorsement from ASLCC before the request can proceed to the next step in the approval process.

Ratthasing later reported that the student rally in Salem was a success. LCC brought 124 students to Salem, the most from any college in the state.