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Getting around campus is educational and fun - The Torch
Getting around campus is educational and fun

Getting around campus is educational and fun



Penny Scott 

Lane’s Center Building revamp is progressing nicely. When it’s finished, Lane students, faculty, staff and campus guests will marvel at its beauty I’m sure. Blue barriers, blocked doorways, dead ends, stairs that go nowhere and inaccessible walkways will one day be distant memories.

Students are sure to miss them though. The current labyrinth, where students need to come up with strategies for how to get to buildings they can plainly see, or carefully estimate how long it will take to get from one class to the next, is teaching them navigation and critical thinking skills. But there’s more.

To keep them on their toes and prevent them from becoming complacent, once they’ve figured out how to get from point A to point B, either point A or point B is moved. They then have to find out where A or B went. This is valuable training for complex, dynamic computer games. Or, the computer games are training for getting around campus.

Either way important skills are being learned. Lane’s education opportunities never end.

Once Lane’s new Center Building has become the sparkling architectural jewel that it promises to be, we could provide students with two new challenges, perhaps in the form of a contest.

The first would be to solve the problem stemming from the overhead slabs of concrete where water seeps through the cracks and drops on people’s heads whenever it rains. The second would be to come up with creative uses for the dead ends located here and there.