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Letter to the Editor: Lane’s accreditation in jeopardy - The Torch
Letter to the Editor: Lane’s accreditation in jeopardy

Letter to the Editor: Lane’s accreditation in jeopardy


Given Lane Community College’s (LCC) 10 percent graduation rate for 2013-2014, I was not surprised by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities’ substantial findings reported by The Register Guard’s Diane Dietz on Feb. 22, 2015.

Quaint familial visit anecdotes notwithstanding, the notion that an administrator that is likely making north of $266,000 per year ($161,049 in salary and $104,682 in Fringe Benefits) needed a holiday visit to “…focus on what’s important,” is preposterous.

Instructively, a Feb. 12, 2013 YouTube video documents millions of dollars of profligate spending over several years, while large segments of Lane County’s residents struggled just to survive from check to check.

Leadership is best exhibited through principled actions rather than self-serving pronouncements. Moving forward, should LCC’s board continue its historic pattern and practice of governance malfeasance?

This county’s residents might be well served to consider throwing out the whole board through a set of recalls at the earliest available opportunity. Importantly, it may rekindle many of the college’s service area’s residents’ trust in LCC’s staff, if not only the Lane Community College Employees Federation’s and Lane Community College Education Association’s leadership cadres — as well as both unions’ rank and file members — provided the Board the political cover it so desperately needs to do the job its members were elected to do, by calling for a No-Confidence Vote on LCC’s president at the next board meeting.

Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor was submitted by email to The Torch on Monday, Feb. 23. It was unsigned, but was sent from the email address of: Jose Ortal, Candidate for East Lane County Commissioner. The Torch has not verified, nor does it endorse, the claims made in this letter.