For the first student government meeting of the Spring term on April 1, senators debated how best to fund the annual Peace Symposium. Last term Stan Taylor, Peace Center chairperson, asked for $3,000 from ASLCC. Senators decided to take $2,000 from Snack Shack’s profits and ASLCC would fund the other $1,000. The Snack Shack, located outside the ASLCC offices near Building 1, Room 210, is the main fundraising arm of ASLCC.
Senators also ratified The Film Club as the newest club on campus. The club’s mission is to watch movies and discuss them.
Senatorial candidate James Wesker spoke about why he wanted to be a senator. After answering questions about his qualifications, the business major was ratified by a vote of 3-0-1.
A representative of the Outdoor Adventure Club asked for $300 for a camping trip to Silver Falls from May 1-3. The request was approved 4-0-1.
Time was allotted for discussion regarding the upcoming Board of Education meeting. The BOE is considering making cuts to two degree programs: Automotive Collision and Refinishing and Electronics Technology. The Medical Office Assisting program may also be put on hiatus due to the retirement of one of the instructors.
In preparation for her attendance at the Board of Education meeting that night, President Malisa Ratthasing asked senators what they thought about potential program cuts proposed by college administration.
Vice President Ashley Jackson urged senators to find students who would be affected by the cuts and bring them to the meeting to show how cuts affect real people. “If we don’t find students impacted by this move, what are we doing here?” Jackson said.
“Expect the worst, hope for the best,” Chief of Staff Robert Schumacher said about the cuts. He said he talked to affected students who said they are very worried about their future careers if these cuts are approved. Senators put the discussion on hold until next week, after the results of the BOE meeting are known.
The next order of business was electing a new president pro tempore. Senator Anastasia Vail was nominated at last week’s meeting. Vail was elected to the position unanimously by paper ballot.