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ASLCC to sponsor tornado damage fundraiser - The Torch
ASLCC to sponsor tornado damage fundraiser

ASLCC to sponsor tornado damage fundraiser


Tornado compensation, bylaw changes and tuition hikes were topics of discussion at the Associated Students of Lane Community College meeting on Wednesday, April 29.

First item of business was a tornado relief funds request for $250. The money would be used to conduct a two-day fundraiser to benefit students whose cars were damaged by the April 14 tornado at Lane. Senate voted 4-0-0 to approve the request.

The tornado relief fundraiser, featuring lunch and ice cream will be held on the main campus Monday, May 4 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Tuesday, May 5 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. No student government campaigning will be allowed at the event.

Next was a motion to fund an upcoming Oregon Student Equal Rights Alliance Symposium. Because the requested funding is more than $250, this was limited to a first reading and a vote cannot be taken until next week.

A discussion on bylaw changes to the six credit eligibility requirement for student government positions followed. Elections committee chair Robert Schumacher reported that since the six credit requirement is specified in the ASLCC constitution, it could only be changed via a student body vote. “The only thing we can really do here is provide recommendations for next year’s administration for any adjustments for qualifications for office,” Schumacher said.

Schumacher reported that the requirement is mirrored in work-study requirements and the standard for satisfactory academic progress, adding that in working group discussions, some thought the requirement fair, but some expressed concern that it may not be fair, since not all who pay the mandatory student activity fee are eligible for office.

President Malisa Ratthasing reported that ASLCC is looking at the college budget and will consider alternative recommendations to the Board of Education that would not include a tuition increase. She also warned student government members not to participate in campaigning.

ASLCC faculty advisor Barbara Delansky spoke in response to Ratthasing’s report. “There’s really some difficult decisions coming ahead,” she said. “Everyone’s pre-committed to no tuition [increase] but I honestly don’t know how we do both no tuition [increase] and no cuts without having some identifiable long-term solutions to the revenue side.”

In her staff report, Campus Community Director Mariana Paredones announced that Carl Knoch has been ratified as the Council of Clubs vice-chair, adding that he had named transparency on campus as a high priority.