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Words matter; Responding to allegations about racism - The Torch
Words matter; Responding to allegations about racism

Words matter; Responding to allegations about racism


At the ASLCC meeting on May 6 allegations were made by several members of the gallery regarding racism on campus. Lane student Rudwan Dawod named student Brittany Healy, Student Resource Director, ASLCC, as one of the people responsible.

Healy has responded by saying that the allegations are false. “I felt bullied,” Healy said. It all started when Healy had asked Mariana Paredones, who was running for ASLCC President, to stop using computers at a promotional booth to garner students’ votes, Healy said.

Computers were being used by some of the candidates to record student’s votes at the same place where they were campaigning, and this represented a conflict of interest. Healy said that the decision to disallow the use of computers at booths was decided unanimously at an earlier Elections Committee meeting, to help keep the election fair and balanced.

When Healy asked Paredones and her team to stop using computers Dawod was offended, Healy said. The allegation against Healy was made by Dawod at the Senate meeting directly after the promotional booth incident.

“I think it was a misunderstanding,” Christian Mello, ALSCC Gender and Sexual Diversity Advocate, said. “Passions were so high during election time.”

“Tensions were high,” Seth Joyce, ALSCC State Affairs Director, said. “Miscommunication was a huge thing.”

Healy said that cultural competency is important. “Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions that separate us,” Healy said. “We just have to work on bridging the gap.