In response to Penny Scott’s May 29 guest viewpoint printed in the Register-Guard, I must say I agree that the Lane Community College administration and Board of Education is facing a difficult situation, possibly requiring major budget cuts.

However, as Penny points out, LCC is a public institution which should benefit Lane County. It does not benefit the county to cut out programs which are needed and produce the most jobs. The programs mentioned, Electronic Technology and Auto Collision and Refinishing programs, including the Medical Assisting program, do fit that.

I told the LCC Disability Office that it was discrimination against dyslexic people to require reading and writing programs and even such tests to get into LCC. I am sure that my autistic son is not the only one with this problem.

My autistic son is severely dyslexic, but he is very talented mechanically and knows a lot about electronics. He was even invited to tour the fusion program at UCLA. He has always wanted to be an HVAC technician, which was offered as a two year course at LCC.

He did pass the reading test with the help of a scribe provided by the Disability Office, but could not pass the writing test and would have to pass the basic reading and writing course at the college to be certified as an HVAC technician. I was told to sit tight, that change is coming, but it appears that the change is in the wrong direction. What a shame!