The Rainy Day Food Pantry is hosting a Thanksgiving dinner Wednesday, Nov. 25 for staff and students who actively obtain food from the pantry.

“We want to prioritize Lane students who use the Rainy Day Food Pantry,” Kirkpatrick said in his funds proposal to ASLCC. “Users of the food pantry will be provided a warm, healthy and bountiful meal.”

$500 of the $700 goal for the dinner has already been acquired from ASLCC, which Kirkpatrick says will cover the cost of the food. The remaining $200 is awaiting approval to be funded by the Council of Clubs.

“I [will] ask Council of Clubs to provide up to $200 in additional funds to ensure there is enough so we can make it nice for our guests.” Kirkpatrick said.

The dinner will be held in Lane’s Longhouse from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and is exclusively for Lane students and staff who use the food pantry and signed up for the dinner in advance. Kirkpatrick says he is expecting 30-35 people in total, and encourages those who signed up to bring their families.

“Thanksgiving is a very traditional holiday that way, where you want your family there,” said Mindy Parks, who will be volunteering at the dinner. “If it turned out to be a family dinner, it would be better that way.”

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