Will Phil Knight’s alma mater be fashioning jerseys with an Adidas symbol someday? One thing is for certain: the Titans will. In fact, you can expect to see Super Bowl Champion Aaron Rodgers, NBA all-star James Harden and the Lane Titans all sporting apparel that brandishes the Adidas logo. Lane has agreed to a three year partnership with Lane athletic program.

Adidas also partners with Eugene Timbers Futbol Club and has hosted the Titans at the 2012 Adidas Cross-Country Classic in Portland. In July, Adidas announced that they will be official partner of the Pac-12 Conference.

John Kell of Fortune magazine speculates that Adidas has been actively signing contracts with professional athletes, sports leagues and with community college athletic programs in response to Adidas recently losing an NFL apparel contract to Nike.

The Adidas agreement will provide much needed funding for the Titan’s athletic program. The partnership will award Lane’s athletic program $5,000 worth of apparel a year for the next three years. The coaches have met, developed and agreed to a formula to appropriately disperse the funds. In addition, Lane’s athletic program will be awarded $1,000 in production allotment for league title, $2,500 in production allotment for NWAC Championships and $500 in production allotment for Coach of the Year awards.

Adidas will not have any contribution in matters of curriculum, acceptance or scholastic policy. The agreement states that purchases made by the athletic program must be Adidas products. Student athletes will be able to wear non-Adidas accessories and apparel during games as long as those items were not purchased by the college.

So, when will the student body be able to purchase Adidas brand products off the shelves of the Titans Store?

“The type of clothing that is sold in the store is, for the most part, based on price and assortment provided by various sales representatives,” Director of Retail Services Tony Sanjume said. “There is no way the agreement would state the Titan Store has to order only products produced by Adidas.”

Sanjume went on to state he had recently been contacted by an Adidas representative regarding merchandise sales.