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Five ways to survive the holiday season - The Torch
Five ways to survive the holiday season

Five ways to survive the holiday season


We all know those people who begin pulling out Christmas decorations Thanksgiving night, who are overjoyed by the mere sound of sleigh bells and flood your Facebook feed with daily reminders of how many paydays till the big day. The holiday season can evoke a lot of different feelings: joy, togetherness and excitement. But for many of us, it is a dreaded time of year that means anxiety and forced obligations. So if the wreaths, bows and twinkling lights have got you down this year, here’s a small list of ways to cope until the new year.

5. Volunteer

Volunteering your time and helping others is a constructive diversion from tinsel and nauseating Christmas music, and is guaranteed to make you feel better during the holiday season. Eugene is stocked full of opportunities to do just that. Whether you wish to volunteer at the Egan Warming Centers, FOOD for Lane County or the Salvation Army, at the very least you can end the year knowing you’ve made someone else’s holiday better.

4. Netflix

There are many examples of anti-Christmas heroes right there on your television. “The Grinch,” “Scrooge,” “Bad Santa” or “Jack Frost.” These charismatically evil characters hate the holidays too. Watch these movies in solidarity.

Be warned however, watching these movies all the way through may affect your bad attitude, or make your heart grow three times that day.

3. Food

There is always the food and it is everywhere. People are baking up a storm during these final months of the year so, cash in and binge away. Eat those cookies, banana bread and pie without shame. New Year’s is just around the corner and the gym will be waiting for you, just like last year.

And for our 21+ survivors there is always alcohol. Grab a sixer of Ninkasi and win everyone’s heart this season. And if not, you still have beer.

2. Make your own traditions

If classic isn’t your style, making up new holiday traditions can reinvent the holidays to fit your life. In 1997, Seinfeld created Festivus, a non-religious holiday on Dec. 23. The “airing of grievances” is customary during dinner, followed by “feats of strength,” all while being watched over by an undecorated aluminum pole.

Gather friends, make some food and do whatever you want to do. That’s all it takes to begin your own silly or ironic customs.

1. “A Christmas Story”

When all else fails, take a tip from Ralphie and his family. Order Chinese food, go see a movie you’ve been dying to see (psst … “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”) and just enjoy the day off.