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Resource fair held to assist students - The Torch
Resource fair held to assist students

Resource fair held to assist students


For the first time Lane is offering a Student Services Resource Fair with the hope that it will give them the tools and strategies needed to make the pieces fit together. The fair will take place Wednesday, Jan. 20, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The event will be on the second of floor of the Center Building, showcasing various resources that all students can access.

This event is the brainchild of Tammy Walters, Career Advisor in the Ready to Work Program.

“This is a way to offer resources to help support them so they can continue their classwork,” Walters said, referring not only to FASFA support, but also to the various other offices and clubs that will be present.

“A lot of our students have financial need, and financial aid is one of the ways to pay for that. But not all of our students can access financial aid,” Walters said. “So this is a way to offer resources to help support them so they can continue their coursework and classes and be successful.”

Among the resources will be the TRiO and TRiO Stem, Women’s Center, Public Safety, the Veterans Center and scholarship information. In addition to these resources students can also expect to find various clubs.

“All the clubs are aware of it and will be participating,” Walters said.

A few students are sceptical about the new fair, however.

“If it’s going to be scholarships, I think it’d be nice if they offered a little more in the downtown campus,” LauraJane Borg, Lane student, said. “It’s an hour trip from home for me, and a lot of the clubs meet after class hours.”

Another student, Austin Ward, said he would rather focus on his classes than extracurricular activities.

“I have what I need,” Ward said. “I’m just getting on my feet, figuring what college is and all that good stuff.”

Some students are apprehensive about attending due to a lack of knowledge. Victoria Hayles, a first year Lane student, explained that she has not been notified through any text or email alerts for the event despite an interest in getting involved in the campus.

“I would look at maybe the women’s area, seeing if there is anything I could be a part of,” Hayles said.

In fact, Lane has little in the way of letting students know about the event. The only such posting is in the Lane Events Calendar with an expected headcount of two.

“People are lazy” Hayles said, “but this could be a good starting point for those looking for help.”