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UCC staff and students thank Lane for support - The Torch
UCC staff and students thank Lane for support

UCC staff and students thank Lane for support


Representatives from Umpqua Community College attended Lane’s Board of Education meeting this past

Wednesday, Jan. 13 to give their thanks for the help that Lane offered after the recent shooting that claimed 10 lives.

In a moving speech that brought several in the room close to tears, Jan Woodcock, associate professor of social science at Umpqua, thanked Lane faculty and administrators for their support after the tragic event.

“The concrete specificity of support that came from Lane Community College, the depth and breadth of the support that [President Mary Spilde] and her leadership team provided, more than anything, stabilized us and got us through,” Woodcock said.

Several speakers took turns at the podium, each with emotional thanks for the assistance that Lane provided in their time of need.

April Hamlin, director of Adult Basic Skills at Umpqua, brought cards sent to her staff by Lane faculty members.

“Our gratitude seems not enough for what Lane did for Umpqua, and I would like to add my gratitude to that list of our colleagues,” Hamlin said after reading several thank you cards from the faculty and staff of Umpqua.

Emotions were very high as Spilde took time to thank the Umpqua delegation.

“I can say on the behalf of everyone who came to Umpqua, it was a privilege and an honor to be there,” Spilde said. “I think we learned so much about courage and the human spirit, and what it takes to just pick up and go on after something like that,”

“I’m so proud of everybody, from everywhere, that came and offered their help to Umpqua Community College, but particularly from Lane. I’m exceedingly proud of anybody that had any part in that,” she said.

At the end of their acknowledgements the Umpqua delegates presented a sheet metal Oregon outline with a heart over Roseburg to the Board of Education, symbolizing the bond between the two schools.

Josh Friedline, vice president of the student body at Umpqua, gave a final emotional thank you at the end of the delegation’s presentation.

“There are not words in my vocabulary to express how deeply I personally appreciate everything you did for us,” Friedline said. “That was the most trying time of my life, and all the assistance that you gave us enabled me to go back to classes, and [Umpqua students] to carry on.”