The remodel will accommodate advanced production studios, a resource center and new computer labs.John Hughes // The Torch
The Media Arts program is being relocated to Building 18 following a retrofit of the building scheduled for completion by winter 2017. The remodel will accommodate advanced production studios, a resource center and new computer labs.

With the Center Building nearing completion, Lane is preparing to redevelop Building 18, the future home of the Media Arts program. During the year-long construction, Media Arts will be split between Buildings 17 and 18, with the Graphic Design program moving to Building 2.

Part of the $83 million construction bond measure, passed in 2008, was designated for the Media Arts program. Due to earthquake prevention regulations, the initial construction scheduled to begin in the fall term was delayed. The Building 18 remodel is set to finish during winter term of 2017.

The project will have a maximum budget of $3 million, which is not enough to complete what the faculty hope to achieve.

“We would love to build onto the back of it, but that’s not going to happen with this budget,” Jeff Goolsby, Media Arts coordinator, said. “We have to make it [the budget] work within the building as it exists.”

The audio studio and photo mounting room will have to stay on the second floor of Building 17 due to the limited space available in Building 18.

“We can’t fit it all into [Building] 18,” Goolsby said. “Rather than a new building or a major remodel, we’re getting a moderate remodel.”

Laura Hale, a media arts student, worries about the proposal to decrease space for the program.

“I hope we are not robbed of our studio space,” Hale said, “because we need something like our bluescreen ­­­— we need audio.”

In spite of space concerns, media students can look forward to new studios, computer labs and live tutors.

“It will become the heart of media arts,” Goolsby said. “It’s going to really help the program in terms of progress and completion for students by giving them all the resources they need.”