Top Left: Jeffery Osborn works on his final project in 2D Design, using a scratchboard. The technique he is using is where coated clay or black ink is scratched off with a sharp knife to reveal intricate designs.

Top Right: Jose Rodriguez uses a technique called heat tint to add color to his final project for his welding class in Building 10.

Middle Right: Ken Dinet finishes up a clay and metal wall-hanging art piece for his independent study class. Many students work long hours in order to get their final projects done.

Bottom Right: Listening closely to the pre-recorded guitar track and following the metronome, Blake Thompson plays Lane’s studio drum kit for their final project in audio production two.

Bottom Middle: Controlling one of the two large mixing boards found in Building 5’s professional studio, Stuart Mitchell adjusts the fader levels for a drum track they recorded for their final project.

Bottom Left: Noah Hadnutt and Stuart Mitchell use Building 5’s professional studio to record the bass track for their final project. They are in Audio Production 2, the second in a three-term-long sequence of classes.