Lights, camera, act!


Both Media Arts and Theatre majors got a chance to build their respective skills at last week’s Visiting Artist Series. Brian Haimbach, Theatre Arts faculty, led a workshop focused on the relationship between directors and actors on Friday, April 8, in Building 17’s Media Arts studio. Haimbach focussed on topics such as how to prepare scripts and how to communicate with actors in order to get believable performances on film.

“Students get to hear career advice directly from experts in the field, people who have spent their lives working in media arts,” Jeff Goolsby, Multimedia Department coordinator, said. “Whether it’s graphic design, filmmaking, acting, recording studios, concept development or other media arts professions.”

The Visiting Artist Series has hosted a variety of incredibly talented and knowledgeable professionals — from Don Carson, a concept artist who designed Toon Town for Disney World, to Brian Conery, a renowned graphic designer from the Bay Area.