After losing both games to Mt. Hood in Gresham on April 16, the Lane Titans had a lot to prove in Sunday’s game. However, for the first time in the entire season, the tables would be turned as the Titans got to play at home. Mark Richardson, a trades coordinator with Facilities, Management and Planning, explained that Lane’s own Titan Field was filled with standing water. With a little grooming from Titan players and Titan head coach Josh Blunt, the two teams were squared away and ready to play ball.

The first game was a rough start. With seven runs in the first four innings, losing pitcher Brad O’Connor was switched out in favor of DJ Wilson. But the change was too little too late. Wilson, who would allow three more runs and neither Wilson or O’Connor would pitch in the second game. Logan Roberts (pictured left) and David Bellamy (#13) would come the closest to a run, but the Lane Titans would ultimately lose the first game in a 0-10 shutout.

The second game would be a shining comeback. In the second inning, the Titans would score two runs to put Lane up against the Mt. Hood Saints in an early lead. First baseman Jordan Hadley (top) would score the second of those two runs. However, the Saints would bounce back and tie the score 2-2 in the top of the fourth inning. But it was the bottom of the fourth inning that made the home game worth while. In one play, Ben Giland (#5) put Brody Rich (#11) and Austin Vaughn (#9) across home plate in the second game for the final 4-2. The Lane Titans, who are now 15-9 in the regular season, will play the Clark Penguins next on April 22 in Washington at Kindsfather field.

Outfielder Logan Roberts (#14) gets on baseChristopher Palanuk // The Torch
The Titans played their first home game of the season against the Mt Hood Saints on Sunday, April 17. Prior to Sunday the team wasn’t able to play any games at home due to standing water on the field. Outfielder Logan Roberts (#14) gets on base in game one of the doubleheader which the Titans lost 0-10.