ASLCC bylaws put back in place


The Lane Elections Committee has decided to overturn the suspension of the bylaws that occurred during a senate meeting on April 19. After consulting both the ASLCC and Lane lawyers, Kerry Levett, executive dean of Student Affairs, has stated that the suspension is null and void. The lawyers have also determined that the Elections Committee has total control over the elections process.

Candidates who have met the original requirements, and applied by the April 15 deadline, have resumed their campaigns on Monday, May 2. Campaigning has been extended through May 12, and voting will occur on May 10 through May 12. The application process will not be reopened.

“There have been many years when there was only one official Presidential slate, or the number of [senate] candidates was not enough to fill available seats,” Mindy Parks, campus community director and chair of the Elections Committee, said. “However, the ability to conduct a “Write In” campaign has always existed, and will be part of this election as well, for any student meeting the minimum qualifications.”

At the time of publication, specific voting times were not updated on Orgsync by ASLCC. Once those times are updated, any current credit student will be able to vote on their Orgsync account.