Former Navy Seabee and current Lane student Christa Mode receives a hug from best friend and current Veterans Affairs official Stacey Vasquez during the POW/MIA Dedication Ceremony in Building 19 on May 23. The POW/MIA Remembrance Table, also located in Building 19, will be on display through May 26.

“This is Memorial Day, and it’s never a happy day,” Christa Mode said.

Mode, a former Lane student and Navy construction battalion worker, receives a hug from Veterans Affairs Certifying Official Stacey Vasquez after becoming emotionally overwhelmed during the POW/MIA Dedication Ceremony. Mode read poems and expressed sympathy for fallen troops during the ceremony, which was held outside of Veterans Programs Room 233 in Building 19 on May 23.

Vasquez, who stated that this was the first time an event like this has happened on campus, said she felt this needed to be here at Lane and “to show the reason for the season.”

A POW/MIA remembrance table and Lane Veteran Services panel exhibit were fashioned to display respect for the troops who were prisoners of war, missing in action or have passed on. The panel exhibit, located between Buildings 3 and 4, is a place where individuals can create tags recognizing service members with the name and branch of the serviceperson.

Brandon Gericke, Lane student and former Navy serviceperson, was also there in support.

“It’s really close to everybody,” Gericke said.

When thanked for his service, Gericke responded that, in his opinion, all members of the military should be thankful for having the opportunity to serve.

Both exhibits will be on display from May 23 to May 26 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.