Job seekers converge at the Career Center’s Open House on Thursday, May 12 in Building 19 on Lane’s main campus. The free event served food, and held workshops throughout the day.

The Career Center held their Spring Open House in Building 19 on Thursday, May 12. The free event was meant to highlight the resources offered by the Career Center. Job seekers met with career advice specialists and attended career workshops.

With the Career Center going through a transition, this was an opportunity for people to check out some of their new services. A lot of times students run into a wall when trying to find a job or just don’t know what they want to do, that’s where the Career Center comes in. The Career Center is open to the public and offers advice, testing and workshops to give job seekers a clear path.

“We tend to get a mix of people from all kinds of populations. We get students, prospective students and community members,” Randa Law, workforce development coordinator for the Career Center, said. “My goal is to do a series of these throughout the next academic year … and we have some exciting things lined up.”

Matt Laubach, a recent graduate from Lane’s Computer Networks Program, hopes the Career Center will help him land his next job.

“It’s very convenient to have a career center at the college. I’m very glad that they have this thing here and the people are very helpful,” Labach said. “They offer career services if you want to narrow down your path if you don’t know what you want to do … they post job boards and hook you up with the employment office.”

The Career Center has a very active calendar of events each week, including a job club every Monday morning, Basic computer classes and various special events throughout the year.

Specialists from the community will come to the Career Center to speak on the hiring processes from the employer’s perspective on May 18 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in Building 19, room 260.