A group of laptops sit mingled within balloons and candy, awaiting prospective voters in an improvised polling station on the first floor of the Center Building in the food court on May 9. Shianne Walker (pictured), a member of the Elections Committee and co-chair of the Native American Student Association, was there to help students with the voting process. Attendance for this type of voting is traditionally very low, Walker added.

“Frankly I don’t know if the [Lane] elections affect me, so I don’t really care about voting,” Logan Farmer, Lane student, said. “If they articulated more about policies maybe I would vote, but it is easy for this election to be eclipsed by the national election.”

According to Christina Walsh, program director of ASLCC, fifty new yellow posters were printed, special messages were issued on MyLane and emails were sent out. Anastasia Vail, a staff member of ASLCC and candidate for vice president, also crafted chalk campaign ads and stickers in support of her and her running mate, Bobby Kirkpatrick who are running unopposed.

“I didn’t know about the elections and I didn’t know Lane even had them,” Emmalyne Fleming, Lane student, said, “I probably won’t vote.”  

The vote for the ASLCC student government elections will be open from May 10-12 both on OrgSync and a polling station next to the Crush Burger.

How to Vote in ASLCC Elections // The Torch