The Center Building on Lane’s main campus was evacuated On Thursday, Sept. 15 impacting employees on all five floors. While conducting a routine test of the building’s fire suppression system Lane’s Facilities, Management and Planning department experienced a malfunction causing the system to go off.

The test calls for the person doing the test to disable the fire suppressant and pull the alarm to make sure the alarm works. The person in charge of this test disabled one of the systems and pulled the alarm not knowing that the alarm was also connected to two other systems in the Renaissance Room and food services main kitchen.

The system sprayed out a fire suppression liquid agent known as Ansulex LPH R-102. According to a safety data sheet provided by the ANSUL company who provides the liquid agent, the agent has no chemical family. The sheet also states that according to the `(Occupational Safety and Health Association) OSHA this substance is not considered hazardous, however it still prompted a building evacuation in case the substance were to become airborne. The school’s building evacuation and safety protocols were carried out by Public Safety. They initiated evacuation of the building, ensured all students, staff and visitors were safe and notified the appropriate parties.

Two Lane staff members and a contractor were present when the system went off. The three people were evaluated by EMTs and sent home to shower and wash their clothes. The building was cleaned out by the Servpro company and was reopened the next day. Food services remained closed through Friday.

The Center Building was evacuated again on Tuesday, Sep. 20. This evacuation was due to facilities testing the fire alarms in the building thinking the actual alarms were disabled. They pulled the fire alarms to make sure they were working and set off the alarm causing everyone in the building to evacuate. The building was reopened about five minutes after evacuation. Public safety declined to comment on either situation.