ASLCC could owe college over $100k

Senators discuss cutting jobs to balance budget


Student Senate (ASLCC) owes $109,000 to Lane Community College according to College Finance. For now no one on the Student Senate or any member of the student life staff knows how the expenses were incurred.. The Senate is being asked to make programing and staff cuts in order to pay back the funds to College Finance over time. But as Carl Knoch stated in public comments, more explanation needs to be give as to how these charges were incurred and Knoch questions whether the Senate may actually be obligated to pay back the $109,000.

Interim Dean of Student Life Christina Walsh says, “I’m determined to digging deep into a stack of documents that may be inches thick and almost indecipherable.” Multiple staff and senators say they will work together get answers but it is not known if there will be more information by the next senate meeting.

At the same time extensive discussion in the senate is already occurring about which staff positions will be cut. Out of 10 staff it seems the senate bylaws legally allow six positions to be removed of which four are actually on the chopping block. Senator Wilgen Brown argued for a Gender and Sexual Diversity Advocate staff position to be retained and Senator Cairo Smith commented that a “strong and independent” treasurer position must be retained in the face of the current financial controversy.