Hannah Picknell has been named the new Oregon Student Public Interest Research Group LCC Campus Organizer replacing the previous organizer Ben Jelinsky.

After Picknell’s graduation from the University of Oregon in 2015 and two and a half years as the campus organizer at UO she says, “My goals are just to continue being a better campaigner, and teaching other people to do it, and to continue making a difference.”

Some of OSPIRG’s plans for this year are:

  • This term’s main statewide objective for OSPIRG at LCC will be with Save the Bees and Environmental Oregon to stop the use of bee-killing pesticides and to get the Environmental Protection Agency to enact a moratorium on the use of these pesticides, specifically neonicotinoids. The campaign organizer for the Save the Bees campaign Elizabeth Ponce-del Valle said, “This campaign is important because bees can save our food supply, because bees pollinate all our food.”
  • Their non-partisan voter registration campaign is a campus-wide objective until the general election in November, especially with many first-time voters on campus.
  • The OSPIRG textbook campaign collaborates with instructors and professors to use more open-source online textbooks instead of assigned texts for courses only available at the Titan Store.  Erik Hogg, a new volunteer who has taken up the textbook campaign as its organizer said at the kickoff meeting, “Students can spend over $1,000 a school year, which makes $300 to $400 a term, which is just ridiculous.”
  • Their recruitment drive is currently running and meetings will be held weekly.

For more information, the office is in the basement of the Center Building in room 21.