RhinoFin Hood Ornament (cast stainless steel) by Ellen TykesonAmani Azher // The Torch
RhinoFin Hood Ornament (cast stainless steel) by Ellen Tykeson

With pieces on display for the first three weeks of the term in Building 11, the art faculty had their gallery showing close with patrons and snacks on the afternoon of Thursday, Oct. 11.

Kathryn Finnerty, an instructor of ceramics and pottery, with art on display said, “This is a great opportunity to display skill sets and also introduce ourselves as instructors with our art.”

Annette Reindel, a patron attending the event has taken art classes on campus previously and spoke about her interest in one of the pieces of art by Lee Imonen, “I really enjoy the organic flow and the way the light affects it.”

Other artists with their art on display at this showing were J.S. Bird, Kathleen Caprario, Andrea Ciaston, Robert DeVine, Camilla Dussinger, Adam Grosowsky, Susan Lowdermilk, Richard Lubben, Kristie Potwora, Carrie O’Coyle Richenberg, Andreas Salzman, Jennifer Salzman, Ellen Tykeson and Dan Welton.