Fat Nick and Lil Peep toyed with the emotions of their audience this weekend by alternating songs instead of playing separate sets.

Rappers Fat Nick, from Florida, and Lil Peep, from New York headlined a show at the Whirled Pies Pizzeria in downtown Eugene on Thursday, Oct. 13.

Both rappers gained their fame on SoundCloud and are still considered very underground, though Fat Nick has close relations with Pouya, another Florida rapper who is becoming more mainstream. On SoundCloud, a website used to upload and stream music, Lil Peep has just under 50 thousand followers and Fat Nick has 85 thousand.

While the two artists share a platform for their music, their style of rap could not be more different. Fat Nick’s music is filled with anger and rebellion akin to punk or metal. Lil Peep, in contrast, captures sadness, singing over mellow instrumentals.

Because of their contrasting styles I found it very strange that they decided to alternate after each song. Fat Nick came out to a fired up crowd, and quickly got a mosh pit started, which continued for his entire song, only to have it die down instantly when Lil Peep’s melancholy singing took over. Fat Nick was not deterred though.

“Split this shit down the middle, when this shit hits I want this side to beat the hell out of [the other] side,” Fat Nick said as soon as he got the mic back, and the crowd followed the command. I didn’t see anybody get hurt, but just in case somebody did, Fat Nick said that the first one to bleed can get free merchandise from him.

There was no lack of passion for Lil Peep. During his last song some of his fans had come onto the stage to sit near him, lighters out waving side to side.

I spoke with Oregon rapper Catxscan, “While the venue was a little awkward for the show, the crowd was amazing,” Catxscan said, “EDM [Electronic Dance Music] artist Troy Boi was playing the same night and took a large portion of kids that may have been at the show but even with a small turnout everyone that did come was there to have a good time.”

The crowd size was smaller than what I would expect even for underground artists. There were around 60 people, with a small portion opting to sit at the tables rather than join the rest of the crowd standing in front of the stage.

The concert was aesthetically pleasing. The red lights complemented Lil Peep’s pink hair, tattooed face and shirtless, tattooed, almost skeletal body. Fat Nick’s long blonde dreadlocks were half up, but that didn’t take away from how short he was compared to Lil Peep.

The crowd was a mixture of hip-hop and grunge styles. I would be a failed writer if I didn’t mention the two gentlemen dressed as red power rangers, one of which with a shark hat on, in the center of every mosh pit.

Perhaps the most unfortunate part of the show was the sound.

“The bass should’ve been much louder, and the sound guy didn’t know how to mix Lil Peep’s songs at all,” Catxscan said. Not only that but the speakers sounded blown and having not heard Lil Peep before then I thought it was mediocre at best. The people who came just for Lil Peep are probably very disappointed and will have to look out for his next show to get their perfect experience.

I encourage you to listen to Fat Nick, Lil Peep and Catxscan on SoundCloud, if extremely creative songs that still remain focused on the traditional rap themes of sex, drugs and violence seems up your alley.