On Oct. 3, former LCC Spanish instructor Maria Gutierrez filed a $300,000 lawsuit against Lane, claiming that they canceled her classes because of her race, then fired her for speaking out about it.

According to the Register Guard, the lawsuit states Gutierrez,a Hispanic woman of Mexican descent, was hired by the school in 2004 to teach fashion design classes. She began teaching Spanish the following year. The guard also reported that, according to the suit, Gutierrez claimed she was treated differently than her non-hispanic colleagues and after complaining to the school’s human resources department, had her hours gradually reduced.

The Lane human resources department refused to comment, due to the school’s policy that states the school does not comment on pending litigation.The school also refused to comment on the Nadia Raza lawsuit that The Torch has  previously reported on. The lawsuit Nadia Raza filed in January is still in a pending state.

Another lawsuit arose over the summer, with a former teacher claiming he was fired in retaliation for reporting another teacher’s ethical violations. This lawsuit, filed by Frank Plaisted, was for $200,000 in damages.