Transfer student Chunling Zhao searches for textbooks for her three classes in the Titan Store on Sept. 19. Zhao, commenting on her textbooks, simply stated that they are “expensive.”

Among the 2,500 new credit students Lane welcomes this school year, approximately 450 students join the incoming class of Titans due to a new state grant called Oregon Promise.

The Oregon Legislature released the appropriated funds of $10 million to all of the community colleges in Oregon. This grant is available to all recent high school graduates and students who have completed their GED within the last 6 months. The Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) hopes this grant will encourage recent high school graduates to continue their education without taking a break.

Lane’s Oregon Promise Leadership Team is tailored for Oregon Promise student success.  “We look forward to discovering whether the strategies we implement with the Oregon Promise cohort help us to retain new Titans,” counselor Jill Siegfried said. “I am enthusiastic about any student success initiatives which can help students move more efficiently and economically toward their goals.”

According to Helen Faith, Interim dean of Enrollment and Veteran Success, the grant application is simple and straightforward with just a few questions. The Oregon Promise grant program does charge a $50 copay. Faith said the copay is required by the law, and is deducted from the award. Lane, or any other agency is not paid the money.

The longevity of the Oregon Promise grant is uncertain. “The governor decides what to include in her budget, and presents it to the Legislature, which will ultimately decide what is funded,” Lane President Mary Spilde said.

The college believes that through integrity and guidance the students will achieve success and reach their personal goals. “We are committed to look at the research and best practices that are going on in community colleges and implement strategies that support student progression and completion. In the past few years Lane has implemented a number of practices to support students,” Spilde said.