Wednesday’s volleyball game of Lane versus Linn-Benton was nothing less than a fight to the finish. Having just come off of a win against New Hope, the Lane Titans were still 3-16. Linn-Benton was 28-0, a powerhouse to be reckoned with.

Starting the game with two unanswered points, the Linn-Benton Roadrunners quickly gained an early lead. The Lane Titans were quick to answer back, but the steam quelled on serve fifteen where the Titans went from a three point deficit to a 13 point deficit by the end of the first set with 11-25.

After a hasty switch-up from one side of the court to the other, the second set began the same way as the first and ended just as quickly. Taking only 28 serves in total, the Roadrunners ran away with the second set, leaving the Titans in the dust of a 22 point deficit and a score of 0-2 at the half.

But the game was far from over. Just before the start of the third set, head coach Stephanie Willett stated, “The team talked it over,” and her advice to them was, “Hitters, be aggressive and play volleyball.”

Losing their first serve to a failed return by Kelsey Lane, the Titans once again started the set at the bottom. Then they picked up steam. Enduring a hard-fought rally for the next point, the Titans gained their first point and tied up the set. They were even with the Roadrunners and had a chance.

Fighting tooth and nail, the two teams traded serving setters like boxers trade blows; vying for that one point lead over the other. However, it wasn’t until the thirteenth serve that the Titans gained their first lead with 7-6. Still neck and neck, Lane fought till they were 12-12 and suddenly wavered.

Losing ground, the Titans went as far as a nine point deficit in the third set at15-24. However, with everything they had left, the Lane Titans produced enough gusto to score four unanswered points and have the Roadrunners’ head coach call a timeout before Linn-Benton finished what they had started. Ending the final set 19-25, the Linn-Benton Roadrunners shut out the Lane Titans 0-3.

Though it didn’t seem to matter that Lane had lost. Titan parents and fans smiled as they walked off of the court and some players even grinned as they relived moments in the lobby. Cross country runner Rashad Swank stated about the team, “They have (had) a lot of growth.” Even the coach admitted after the game that the plays did work sometimes and she expected the team to have a big turnaround.

The next and final Lane Titan Volleyball home game will be on October 19 at 6:30pm against Chemeketa Storm.