The most recent ASLCC meeting saw senators grasping for more clarity on their duties, investigating the cause of a six-figure deficit and debating the placement of a lobby group’s office.


  • Student Senator Shawn Goddard called for a public meeting with LCC President Mary Spilde. Senator Goddard says Student Senators need an opportunity for to ask the president and advisors about issues of student governance. He is also calling for the Interim Dean of Student Life, Christina Walsh, and all student unions to attend.
  • Senator Goddard said, “We have not been adequately advised upon how to do our duties, and what those requirements are”. Goddard said. “Who makes sure we do our jobs well and who is being paid for that? Because obviously they are not doing their jobs.”
  • The student senate also discussed budget issues relating to the $109,000 budget deficit that ASLCC currently owes to the college. The Senators discussed inviting Finance Director Greg Holmes to a work session with the Senate.
  • Other topics at Thursday’s meeting included the Oregon Student Associations office being moved out of the Student Life Center and into the basement of the LCC Center Building. Currently ASLCC has not been given a date as to when OSA will be moving. Senate President Robert Kirkpatrick says, “When the whole process started I was informed that Dawn DeWolf (Interim Vice President Academic and Student Affairs) would be reaching out to students and that outreach did not happen”.
  • Senators and advisors weighed in about the reasons behind the move with Senator Goddard stating,  “OSA is a lobbyist organization and they are working out of a federally funded student administrative space. That is Illegal.” Senator Cairo Smith’s comments took aim at the power of OSA and said, “OCCSA (Oregon Community College Student Association) is having to seriously re-evaluate its place in the Oregon political landscape because of the shift towards OSA’s hegemonic influence.” Mike Jones an OSA organizer gave his report to the Senate saying, “I am absolutely positive that there is no federal law being violated, if that were the case this organization would not exist. It exists this way on several other campuses all across the state”.

The next ASLCC Student Senate meeting is Thursday October 13th in Building 3 boardroom.