The interim Executive Dean for the School of Professional and Technical Careers, Dr. Mary Jeanne Kuhar, recently announced that she will be leaving Lane Community College in November. This announcement adds a third to the list of empty dean seats at Lane.

Dr. Kuhar accepted the position of Vice President of Instruction at Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon. She will officially take the position in November and leave behind an open position for anyone interested in becoming a dean.

The two other dean positions that are currently open are the Associate Dean of Health Professions and the Dean of Extended Learning. Two of the three positions are currently available for application on the Lane website. The position that Kuhar currently resides in has not yet been posted to the website but according to Dawn Dewolf, the Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and Chief Academic Officer, the school will upload it as soon as possible.

The Lane website states all dean positions require a master’s degree in whatever department the position oversees. In order to become a dean one must also have administrative experience. A dean is considered a management position and administratively oversees one specific department.