Titan midfielder Valentina Loza steals the ball from fallen Storm midfielder Eve Ponce (#6). The Titans scored big in a 10-0 shutout victory against the Chemeketa Storm at Lane Community College on Oct. 22.

Last week’s rainstorm didn’t stop the Titans and neither did the Chemeketa Storm on Saturday. The women’s soccer team won by ten.

Granted, Chemeketa is 0-14, but the Titans put up ten unanswered points, more than any other Chemeketa opponent. To viewers it looked like practice as Lane casually unleashed a barrage of goals throughout the entirety of the game.

The game began with early Titan ball control. After a few attempted shots, the Titans began their scoring streak.

Eight different players scored goals against Chemeketa. Maile Sur scored the most goals on the team with three.

After the game Sur said, “Going into our game against Chemeketa we really wanted to focus on using our width and spreading the field out to create space for runs, which I feel we definitely did. All of our wide forwards are really good at taking on their defenders and beating them down the line to get a cross off for our other runners.”

The Titans have two games left in regular season before beginning playoffs, Oct. 26 and 29.

The team has been extremely focused on making their playoff hopes as bright as possible. Head Coach Erica Jensen said, “Our team sat down last winter and set goals for this season. The sophomores have worked towards them for the past year and our freshmen have gotten on board quickly. Our goals have not changed for post season – we aim to not only get into the playoffs, but to advance and have a deep run.”

The Lane Titans are currently ranked 11-3-2 in conference standings and will play next at home against the Rogue Ospreys on Oct. 26 at 2pm.